Zomgrei Also known as Tim Hosey.

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Blog This is my blog. Go here to see my project details, connect with me, and more.

Minecraft Server Minecraft is something I love, and I love the customizable servers even more. Check out my Minecraft server "Zomcraft" for a friendly environment with the only rules centering on being nice and not causing grief to other players.

Pokémon Tools This section contains any tools I make related to Pokémon. Right now this only has my team randomizer tool.

GameStatus GameStatus is an in-progress tool that I'll be using to track what games I'm playing and what my progress is in said games.

Multigame Dice Roller The Multigame Dice Roller is a project designed to create an all-in-one solution to roll dice for multiple games. For example, the Dragon Age RPG dice roller keeps track of the Dragon Dice for you and alerts you when you get stunt points.

Utilities These are a collection of utilities I've made to make my life easier. Currently has HTML Entities and md5 hash generator.

Who am I? My name is Tim Hosey, a geek from Sarasota, Florida. I enjoy games (tabletop and video), costuming, music, coding and scripting among other things.

What do you do? At the moment I'm an Associate Application Server Administrator for an insurance company. I deal with Tomcat, JBoss and WebSphere application servers, as well as handle ORSYP and Quartz scheduler servers, IIS and Apache servers, Subversion repositories, Jenkins Continuous Integration, and a hodgepodge of other technologies. Unfortunately the bulk of my experience is with Windows servers, but I'm always willing to expand my knowledge base! I also perform scripting, be it in Powershell, DOS batch or in Groovy if you like a more OS-agnostic approach. For more, click the ZTech tab at the top of this page.

What's "Zomgrei"? Zomgrei is my online alias or handle that I use everywhere I can. I find it easier to find out about someone if they use a consistent online handle.